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DelayDoherty.Info Launched

DelayDoherty.Info has been launched to provide information to Citizens of West Melbourne about a project that will spend $1.5 Million to

- Increase Crime

- Endanger Children

- Lower Property Values

- Risk Flooding

- Kill 100s of trees

- Increase Noise and Pollution in a quiet neighborhood


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City Council Meeting July 18, 2017 (A Success)

Residents showed up on July 18th to attend the West Melbourne City Council Meeting to support Delaying Doherty Rd. - Stop the Road

July 18th @ 6:30pm start

Veterans Memorial Complex - 2285 Minton Road West Melbourne, FL 32904

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Over $1M is back in the 2019 draft budget. Contact all city council members to express your opinions to remove this line item.

Real leaders would find a better use for $1M and not incease taxes an assessments on citizens. Real leaders would work with county commissioners to fix our roads in West Melbourne. We need real leaders to run for council in 2018.

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Delay Doherty Movement Defeats "Raise Your Tax Bill Mettric" in 2018 Election

Bill Mettrick slid into last place out of 5 candidates running for city council. His pro road polocy was not supported by West Melbourne citizens.

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